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Heart Diseases And Their Prevention


Many people think that they cannot get a heart disease. Some womens believe that being a female protects you from heart disease. And some men think that they are not old enough to have a serious heart condition. In reality, most of the people on this planet die due to heart problems. It affects many people at midlife as well as old age. Heart disease can lead to a heart attack. A heart attack happens when an artery becomes totally blocked with plaque, preventing vital oxygen and nutrients from getting to the heart.

A heart attack can cause permanent damage to the heart muscle. Heart disease is one of several cardiovascular diseases, which are disorders of the heart and blood vessel system. Some of them are coronary artery disease, angina, silent ischemia, heart failure, arrhythmia, peripheral arterial disease cardiovascular, stroke, high blood pressure, and rheumatic heart disease. Some people aren’t too concerned about heart disease because they think it can be “cured” with surgery. This is a myth. Heart disease is a lifelong condition:

Once you get it, you’ll always have it. It’s true that procedures such as angioplasty and bypass surgery can help blood and oxygen flow more easily to the heart.This means you are still more likely to have a heart attack. What’s more, the condition of your blood vessels will steadily worsen unless you make changes in your daily habits and control your risk factors. Many people die of complications from heart disease, or become permanently disabled. That’s why it is so vital to take action to prevent this disease. Risk factors are conditions or habits that make a person more likely to develop a disease. They can also increase the chances that an existing disease will get worse. Important risk factors for heart disease that you can do something about are cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, overweight, physical inactivity, and diabetes. Recent research shows that more than 95 percent of those who die from heart disease have at least one of these major risk factors.

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