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We have been able to reach-out to an enormous number of audiences, who through our personal space for our visitors has educated, informed and inspired about several of our experiences. PHLI has always believed to find a personal connect with its patients with dedication and care. As a result, we have brought to you a landscape of thoughts, experiences, success stories, unique case descriptions etc. from our community.

It is a right and a duty to live and promote healthy and hygienic living. Hence the motivation to drive yourself to inspirit the notion of individual responsibility, a person needs a sense of inner-belief and motivation from ones around. Here is a space which serves the purpose of not only carrying out expressions of personal experiences from patients but also create a lasting impact on the reader through a more interactive exchange of words and information related lungs, heart and healthy lifestyle.

With a primary aim to education and inspire, our main challenge has been to open people’s eyes and give them an idea about the broader perspective of healthcare experiences by broadening their knowledge. In tough conditions, it is the patients’ and the families’ self-believe, which acts a pillar to take a grip around; as we read through several of the stories and narrations, we come across a route which helps us boost our inner-strengths, at times when it is easier to break than feel motivated.

In many cases, enough education acts a main carrier of discouragement across the patient’s support staff, so it was essential to create a space for our visitors to know regular advancements in technology and services at PLHI and in the field of medicines. We encourage everyone to read and go through the experiences of several others, who can only add value through their stories while making the right decision.

Things to Know About Lung Condition to Beat Covid

Let's start with some facts!

The novel coronavirus or severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has infected over 11.79 million people around the world and killed over 543,000 individuals to date. Recently, India has seen a series of record spikes, adding tens of thousa...

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Alarming signs of an unhealthy heart!

“My heart skipped a beat” is the saying we often say when we are excited or nervous. Well, an irregular heartbeat is much more common than you think. Arrhythmia is the word for an irregular heartbeat. Often arrhythmia is considered harmless. However, if you feel a constant irregular h...

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Cleaning your lungs after quitting smoking

Did you know?

Just 12 hours after your last cigarette, the carbon monoxide in your blood returns to normal.

Yes! This helps get your body to get the oxygen required for all cellular functions.

The critical aspect of a healthy l...

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A Guide on How to Save Your Lungs and Quit Smoking

How many times have you thought about discontinuing smoking?

It is high time that you create a plan or see a lungs specialist in Vadodara who can help you plan out a routine to quit smoking.

It would be best if you were determined about following through with this plan.


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Understanding Chronic Bronchitis and the Treatment

To what is associated with coughing, chronic bronchitis is a disease that you should be taken very seriously.

While the simple act of coughing is the body’s way of removing debris from the throat and clearing the breathing path, doing so continuously and involuntarily for a long time, maybe a sign of being affected by chronic bronchitis.

Having a cough for three months or more could be a si...

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The Essentials of Cardiothoracic Surgery for Your

A combination of two types of surgeries forms the one primary type of surgery.

The first of the combined words, i.e. Cardiac Surgery, is related to heart diseases and the ones that house in the vessels, along with all the organs that are found inside the rib cage.

On the other hand, the second half of cardiothoracic, i.e. thoracic puts its focus on dealing with issu...

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Heart Attacks The Signs, Symptoms, and Diagnosis

if there's anything scary about being alive, then it is the fear of having a heart attack.

Many people are worried about what will become of them in case of experiencing a heart attack. This state of being in constant fear is for good reason. Every organ of our body is important, but if something were to happen to our heart, we couldn’t survive. This is why it is crucial that we ...

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Your Heartbeat is not normal Is it Arrhythmia

If you feel that your heart just skipped or added a...

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The Lung Story Health Function and Diseases



 Take a deep breath in and out.

 Now do it again.


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Managing Your Health After a Heart Attack

Heart attacks are no joke. They can change your life for better or for worse. This, essentially depends on how you take care of your health once you’ve been through the experience.

That being said, taking care of yourself is crucial to avoid various ailm...

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Pranayam Lung Institute Profile


Pranayam Lung and Heart Institute is a regional and national centre of excellence for respirator...

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5 Myths about Heart Diseases


Should you stop going to gym or do exercise when in heart pain? Does your age define your healthiness? Does smoking only affects lu...

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10 ways to Detox your Lungs!


Mostly everyone focuses on the outer aspects of the bodies,  ignoring the inner, and much more at risk area of the body, thanks to the abundance o...

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Relationship between heart and Lungs


The Relationship between the Heart and Lungs is in a word “Complimentary”, one just cannot survive without the other, n...

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How to fight Lung Cancer


When you or someone close to you finds out they have lung cancer, it shocks you to the core, you do not know what to do, you think this is it, you loved ones gather all the information they can about this unfortunate disease, but in that moment it can be understandably be a lot of information to ...

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