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Roma A Shah
Roma A Shah

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Administrative Director

Roma A Shah

Role at PLHI (Bio)

  • Mrs Shah has been handling the administration at Pranayam Hospital since the hospital’s inception in 2012. Prior to joining PLHI, she was an R&D Engineer at Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, California. She brings a good blend of technical knowledge to the healthcare industry, which makes PLHI a technologically advanced medical facility with state of art instrumentation and data management systems. Under her guidance, all the functioning at PLHI has been computerized which helps in smoother execution within the hospital, haslefree TPA and mediclaim processes and also makes it easy for the patients to receive their records and data across the globe whenever required.
  • Mrs. Shah actively works in promoting youth health awareness. She believes that imprints at younger age last lifetime and with this motto she conducts young children lung and heart awareness camps across various educational institutions where they educate children on the importance of lung and heart, discourages smoking and other addition, draws attention to healthy eating habits and provides awareness of common diseases like TB, pneumonia, asthma, lung cancer etc to the children.
  • She also runs various internet marketing campaigns to promote health awareness to the community through various social media platforms.
  • Mrs Shah has also received letter of apprecaition from Mrs. Anandiben Patel (Ex. Chief Minister of Gujarat) for her efforts in the filed of youth education.

Professional Qualification

Masters in Electrical Engineering (Syracuse University, New York, USA)

Area of Expertise

  • Community Welfare
  • People's management
  • Health Education